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    Soo Sunny ParkUnwoven Light at Rice Gallery

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    All photos © Nash Baker.

    I felt like crying tears of joy when I saw this. Finally— an inanimate object that truly speaks to me. It’s me, as a statue. Iridescence at its finest. Look at the facets, the colors, the beauty.

    This makes me think of fat mermaids. So pretty.

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  3.  Designer Galleries, Selfridges London

  4. Denim Studio, Selfridges London

  5. Kei Kagami is featured in one of the windows as part of ‘Bright Young Things’. She is a shoe designer who graduated from Saint Martins. What I really like about this display are the sculptural clothes stands.

  7. landscape - visual merchandising

  8. Topshop window at oxford street, London

  9. Dover Street Market

  10. Styling Mannequin 

  11. Guess the song - Selfridges London

  12. Adam Andrascik for selfridges london

  13. Damir Doma for Dover Street Market

  15. likeafieldmouse:

    Liza Lou - Security Fence (2005-8) - Chain-link enclosure, barbed wire and beadwork

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